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FK Automotive Racing Sports Seats / Half Bucket seats are an absolute eye-catcher for every sporty tuned car. Our Shell Sports Seats are made of high ..

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FK Automotive Racing Sports Seats / Half Bucket seats are an absolute eye-catcher for every sporty tuned car. Our Shell Sports Seats are made of high quality and durable fabrics and are sewn by hand.The look of our Sports Seats or Bucket Seats, is only half of the total effect. Our Seats have very good lateral support, so with a sporty driving style or on the race track, you stay where you should be, namely in the seat, and not with your face on the side window! Many vehicles are adapted with special suspension systems and elaborate engine tuning measures, but the drivers comfort and safety is sometimes forgotten. Our Sport Seats are equipped with side management panels which are a key element when it comes to driver comfort. Our quality Sports Seats have outstanding lateral support, and are characterized by  quality workmanship, such as the hand stitching on the seams of the covers.The Sport Seat kits come with fitting rails. This means you will need to order vehicle specific seat brackets, which are available in many different versions.Another possibility is that you could order a Universal Console, but this has to be adapted to fit your vehicle.LOW INSTALLATION COST: The Sport Seat kits come complete with a fitting rail. This is supplied free of charge unless otherwise specified. However, you must still arrange a suitable vehicle-seat console for this sport seat with the appropriate console measurements to fit your vehicle, please refer to the item description. With a matching seat console the sport seats are mounted and installed in the vehicle usually in about 2 hours.Installation Instructions: Installation instructions are currently being prepared. First you need to install the car-specific seat bracket. Then the sport seat is fitted to the track.The quality of our Sport Seats: Our seats are manufactured to a very high standard. The seat upholstery is of a very high quality. The seat cover are resistant to friction and this will add to the comfort of the driver. Our Sports Seats are OEM quality and are produced by well-known and trusted manufacturers for our product range.The Price: Our Sports Seat offer very good value for money and are one of our more popular products. The price is much cheaper for the set than if you were to purchase thems individually. And of course the tracks are supplied free of charge as they are already included in the price of the seats.The engineering and construction of our Sports Seats :, Our Sports Seats are made of a welded steel frame with a foam covering, then covered with the material of your choice.Each seat is adjustable, and comes equipped with a folding mechanism. Normally, our foldable seats can also be installed in 3-door vehicles. The difference between a full bucket seat and a half shell seat: A full seat shell has maximum cornering stability for the driver. However the seat is not an adjustable tilt angle forward seat. The seat is hinged, only if you use the appropriate folding console.Full bucket seats are mostly used for racing and slalom cars. Half-shell seats do not have as good side management properties as the full bucket seats, but are much more comfortable.Half-shell seats are classified as being between a standard seat and a full bucket seat. (Somewhere in the middle, in terms of comfort and lateral support).Other design details: Our Sport Seat kits come complete with fitting track Outstanding lateral support through space frame technology Sport seat back is adjustable. Reduced weight (each seat approx15Kg) Durable and high quality fabrics The Seat is equipped with a folding mechanism to the seat back, to allow the seat to fold forwards. Includes fitting rail Distinctive sporty design Hand-sewn stitching detailing for an elegant look High-quality seat materialsIncluded are:Sports Seat / Half Bucket Seat comprising a left and right sports seat and runner.The seat base can be used by other brands and is not integrated in the package.Our online shop offers additional items for use with our Sports Seats. In our Sport Seat range you will find:-  Children’s  Sport Seats, Office Chairs in our Racing design and Universal Seat Covers along with many more items, which can be combined with our product range. FK Automotive have seat consoles for brands such as Audi, BMW, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Seat, Skoda, VW etc. in our extensive range.Browse our comprehensive range of products to find the items you need to enhance your vehicle.  

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