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Carbon foil

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Carbon foil

Thermoplastic decorative foil for indoor use on surfaces of various shapes, e.g. cockpits and other car elements, laptops, computer housings, household appliances, TV sets. It is perfect for changing the color of an element, covering up imperfections, masking damage or discoloration.

The foil is resistant to water, scratches, chemicals, scrubbing and abrasion.

Dimensions: 30 x 100 cm

– thickness – 0.15mm
– fully removable self-adhesive glue
– high flexibility of the product (especially when properly heated with a dryer or heat gun)
– strength – temperature from -38 ° C to + 135 ° C

Installation instructions:
The surface to be glued should be thoroughly washed and degreased (do not use anti-adhesive detergents). Measure and properly cut the material (to enable accurate wrapping of the side edges, add 1-2 cm of foil on the sides). Pull off a few centimeters of the paper backing (sticky side). Apply the laminate to one of the edges, gradually removing the paper backing, while firmly pressing the foil with a soft cloth. Always move from the center to the outside. Using a heat gun or dryer, gently heat the foil and stretch it to give it a shape that matches the element to be glued. After adjusting the foil, cut it exactly to the element with a wallpaper knife. In the event of air bubbles, the foil can be removed and reattached, or the bladder can be punctured with a needle.