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Downpipe- BMW:1er Serie, Typ F21, 2er Coupe, Typ F22, 2er Cabriolet, Typ F23, 3er LImousine, Typ F30, 3er Touring, Typ F31, 3er GT, Typ F34, 4er Coupe, Typ F32, 4er Cabriolet, Typ F33, 4er Gran Coupe, Typ 36


SKU: 06BM006

Prekė Tiekėjo Sandėlyje (5-20d.d.)


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stainless steel downpipe
4″ catless downpipe with fitting for
regulating lambda probe + lambda monitor sensor
without rubber mounting
model with N20 engine
!!! without technical certificate !!

Tinka automobiliams:
BMW 1er Series, type F20, F21
125i, 160kW
year 2012 – 2016

BMW 2er Series, Coupe+ Cabriolet type F22, F23
220i, 228i, 135+180kW
year 2013 – 2016

BMW 3er Series, Sedan+Touring + GT, type F30+F31+F34
320i, 328i, 328iX, 135+180kW
year 2011 –

BMW 4er Series, Coupe+Cabriolet+ Gran Coupe, type F32+F33+F36
420i, 420iX, 428i, 428iX, 135+180kW
year 2013 – 2016
Modeliams pagamintiems:2011 –