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Thermal insulation tape for the collector and exhaust 5cm - 15m

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Made of special, impregnated glass fabrics, the tape is intended for thermal insulation of exhaust system components that heat up to high temperatures. Within the engine compartment, in particular exhaust manifolds, turbocharger accessories, etc.

The tape significantly reduces the level of thermal radiation, at the same time lowering the temperature of other components in the engine compartment.

Our tape also stabilizes the working temperature of the insulated exhaust system components, extending their service life and improving the performance and parameters of the engine.

Fabric insulation of exhaust systems has been used in competitive sports since the late 1980s and has also found application in heavy industrial, military, shipbuilding and aviation vehicles, confirming its popularity as the heat generated by the exhaust system is a serious problem.

Mounting method:

  1. Determine the required length of tape to wrap around the exhaust element using the table below. Be careful to add approx. 20cm to the total length of the webbing for each bend or knee.
  2. Wrap the tape at the beginning of the insulated sections of the exhaust pipe and secure with a clip or u-bolt.
  3. Continue wrapping the element, making sure that the tape is well stretched and that its individual braids overlap by approx. 5-6mm.
  4. After wrapping the entire element, secure the last braid with a clip or a u-bolt.

ATTENTION! : When starting the engine for the first time after insulation, make a slack outside in a well-ventilated area. Due to the specification of the production process, the tape contains small amounts of oil and other substances, which may cause emission of small amounts of smoke during the first heating.

The smoking should stop after approx. 30 minutes of engine operation. The glass fibers of the tape may slightly irritate the skin, so we recommend wearing protective gloves during assembly.

Quality comparable with the products of competing brands, eg Thermo Tec, DEI, Pitking.

  • Strength up to 1000'C.
  • Width 25mm or 50mm
  • Length 15m
  • Thickness approx. 2mm.
  • It does not contain asbestos.