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TurboWorks Intercooler 550x180x65 2.5" Bar and Plate Black


SKU: MG-IC-549

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TurboWorks intercoolers have excellent airflow.

We guarantee the highest durability and great cooling.

They have the most effective COOL-TEC + core on the market, walls made of the highest quality polished aluminum.

COOL-TEC + is an improved version of the Bar & Plate core. It has staggered internal ribs, however its density is chosen so as not to cause turbulence and not to reduce its clearance. In addition, the arrangement of the fins forces the air to flow through the entire cooling surface. By combining these elements, we obtain very high thermal efficiency, while maintaining a low drag coefficient and high throughput.

Our intercoolers as one of the few were tested above 10 bars.

Total intercooler dimensions: 700x180x65mm

Core dimensions: 550x180x65mm

Input / output outer diameter: 2.5 “(63mm)

An intercooler with an input / output diameter of 2.25 “(57mm) is also available