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TurboWorks PRO Turbo blanket T25 Titanium


SKU: MG-TT-200

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Blanket for T25 turbocharger.

The blanket is designed to lower the temperature under the hood of the car by thermal isolation of the turbine. The heat of the turbocharger is stopped inside the system, which raises the exhaust temperature and increases the rate at which the exhaust gas escapes. Retained heat also has a positive effect on the temperature of refrigeration elements, such as Intercooler or cooler.

Thermal strength up to 1250oC.

The set includes a blanket and springs that keep the blanket on the turbine.

The inner layer is additionally reinforced with a stainless steel mesh.


The cover is not fireproof! Any leaking hot liquid may cause a fire. We recommend thorough turbine and cable diagnostics before installing the cover.

It is not recommended to disassemble the cover after prolonged use. The material loses its elastic properties and may not be reusable! The material does not lose thermal properties!