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TurboWorks Universal Radiator Mount 16-row 260x125x50 AN10 RS-Ultimate


SKU: RS-UL-057
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Universal Radiator Mount TurboWorks 16-row 260x125x50 AN10 from RS-Ultimate allows easy and stable installation of the cooler in any place.

The universal mounting of the TurboWorks 16-row 260x125x50 AN10 cooler has been designed by RS-Ultimate to make installation as easy as possible and at the same time provide a stable mounting. The holder has holes for AN connectors, so that the cooler can be mounted in two positions, with connections from the top and bottom. This solution allows for the configuration of the radiator standing up and in the suspended version, depending on the available space in the car. The fasteners are additionally powder coated to ensure many years of anti-corrosion protection.

Installation is extremely simple. The whole is screwed with screws WITHOUT welding.

Producer: RS-Ultimate

Cage, steel S355, 2 [mm] thick

Powder coating

Black colour

assembly with screws

Set contains:

1 piece. TurboWorks universal 16-row mounting base 260x125x50 AN10

2 pcs. radiator side mounts

set of mounting screws

the set does not include the radiator, the radiator is sold separately.