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Variklio tarpines-Alhambra/Ibiza/Cordoba/Toledo/Corrado/Golf III/Golf III/IV Cabriolet/Vento/Passat/Sharan:Alhambra (7V), Ibiza II (6K), Cordoba (6K), Toledo (1L), Corrado (53I), Golf III Cabriolet (1E), Golf IV Cabriolet (1E), Golf III Variant (1H), Vento (1H), Passat (35I), Sharan (7M):02.1990 - 03.2010


SKU: 59VW0001

Prekė Tiekėjo Sandėlyje (5-20d.d.)


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Variklio Tarpiniu Komplektas
fits for
Seat engine 2.0l, 85kW / VW engine 2.0l , 79-85kW
engine code: ADC-ADY-AEP-AGG-AKR

Seat Alhambra (7V)
Seat Ibiza II/Cordoba (6K)
Seat Toledo (1L)
Seat models with 2.0l engine and 85kW
engine code ADY, AGG
year: 05.1991 – 03.2010

VW Corrado (53I)
engine code ADY
VW Golf III Cabriolet (1E7)
engine code ADY
VW Golf IV Cabriolet (1E7)
engine code AKR, AGG
VW Golf III Variant (1H)
engine code ADY, AGG, AKR
VW Vento (1H)
engine code ADY, AGG, AKR
VW Passat (35I)
engine code ADY, AGG
VW Sharan (7M)
engine code ADY
VW models with 2.0l engine and 79-85kW
year: 02.1990 – 03.2010

!! all terminal features are possibly again separately
check !!

cylinder head gasket
OEM-Number: 037183 383N, 048 103 383D
valve cover gasket (length: 405mm / width: 155mm)
OEM-Number: 051 103 483A, 051 103 483E
valve stem seal (8 pieces)
OEM-Number: 027107675
an air intake manifold gasket outside
OEM-Number: 037129717 D
an air intake manifold gasket inside
OEM-Number: 037 129 717C
an air intake manifold gasket
OEM-Number: 048 129 717A
exhaust pipe gasket (elbow to exhaust manifold)
OEM-Number: 533 253 115C
crankshaft oil seal housing on the transmission side (85mm)
OEM-Number: 068 103 171F
camshaft oil seal (32/47 / 10mm) (2 pieces)
OEM-Number: 026 103 085 E 026 103 085 E
oil pan gasket (rubber / metal) for OEM No: 026 103 609D
OEM-Number: 034 129 717 C 028 103 609 A
package seal O-rings
OEM-Number: –